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lol whedonspeak was what i was thinking of reading this.

lol it was you specifically i was thinking of when i wrote that haha

and lol, i slipped into rewatching rtd talk about bad dialogue and when he mentions characters being forced to say how they’re related to others in their dialogue, it instantly made me think of when you were talking about river calling amy MOTHER DEAREST~ or whatever to remind the audience of their relationship

Anonymous asked: Can you elaborate a little on the "structured dialogue"? Although I can sorta guess by it's comparison with naturalistic dialogue, it's not a term I'm familiar with so I'd like to be sure.

lmao i pulled that term out of thin air because i haven’t learnt about this kind of technical stuff in a while and needed something to describe what i meant

it’s hard to explain (not just because i’m exhausted and it’s 1:30am) but what i mean is that RTD’s dialogue- he writes it how people actually talk, and he’s written in his book about how he imagines what the character would say in the situation if they were real, and just writes that down. there’s fillers, colloquialisms, stumbling over words, the dialogue flowing naturally back and forth. characters have their own idiolects, for instance jackie tyler usually uses ‘sweetheart’ as a discourse marker when talking to rose, ten will say his infamous ‘well….’ etc. there’s a consistency which isn’t there in moffat who (like they introduced clara saying ‘oh my stars’ in TROA because her mother also used that expression… and it’s never been said ever again)

i prefer this naturalistic way of writing, to moffat’s preference on very deliberate… sort of… back-and-forth banter. like the doctor and river communicating in either one liners or trailer speak metaphors, which couldn’t really be conceived of on the spot. it just seems… rehearsed and that disengages me with the reality of the show. as a gifset maker, i’ve found moffat’s dialogue fits a lot easier into gifs when someone is making like… 9 Rory quotes or whatever, because lines are written to stand alone as snappy quotable quotes

his characters have a lot of fun punchlines and zingers, which i’m just not a fan of. i guess it’s like how some people say they don’t like ‘whedon speak’; some people just aren’t attuned to the voices of particular writers, and that’s fine! just like how i’ve seen people say they hate how rtd’s characters talk about what they’re having for dinner- i like that! i like that element of realism that isn’t really in moffat’s who, sort of… every day small talk which isn’t funny or plot relevant. it has no purpose, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t say it irl, and that’s what makes characters real to me

additionally rtd wrote in his book about how conversation is less two people talking, but rather ‘two monologues clashing’ because human beings don’t listen to each other, but rather think about what they themselves want to say. he also speaks about it a bit with charlie brooker about what makes good/bad dialogue

the wonderful quantumtardis has written about it far more eloquently than i can here, too

probably none of that made any sense to anyone but me, o well, i hope you can fathom something from it haha


"Trust me on this" — Doctor Who underrated moments

For all this episode gets attention for its re-raising of the Father’s Day era question of “will Rose choose the Doctor or Pete?” and for resolving Mickey and Rose’s on-again-off-again relationship, Mickey Smith really doesn’t get enough attention (or credit) here.

At this moment in the episode, Rose is in a triangle (literally, from the way this scene is filmed), with three men—Pete (her alt!dad in the Vitex ad), Ten, and Mickey. Mickey—her past—is at her back. Ten—her present and future—is in front of her. The relationship triangle at this point between Ten/Rose/Mickey is still unresolved, and it’s interesting to note that the two men are visually juxtaposed here as well, both wearing brown and blue, both giving Rose all their attention. (And, for the record—Billie Piper confirmed on Doctor Who Confidential that the wardrobe staff chose outfits to compliment character arcs—the outfits weren’t random, according to her).

But it’s not just Mickey and Ten’s clothing that is parallel here. Note their actions as well. You can’t see it too well here, but Ten has grabbed Rose by her upper arms (you can see his thumb holding her in the top gif)—he’s stern here, and what he’s saying makes sense but damn… it’s a bit cold. Meanwhile, Mickey’s facial reactions to Ten’s words look even more pained than Rose’s do—note the clench of his jaw, the way his eyes drop, how he shuffles uncomfortably at Ten’s words. Like Ten, he touches Rose as well—but instead of being a demanding action like Ten’s, it’s a consoling squeeze to the shoulder, a supportive, protective gesture.

Mickey is the only man in this scene that doesn’t TELL Rose to “trust him” (Pete does via the ad, and Ten does in the dialogue). He doesn’t have to. Look at his actions, and his empathy. Mickey—both literally and figuratively here—SHOWS us here that no matter what, he has Rose’s back.


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Anonymous asked: What do you hate London Tipton? She never did anything to you!

i don’t know who that is

Anonymous asked: I am Lucille Bluth.

it’s like she gets off on being withholding

Anonymous asked: No, I am your father.

no you aren’t

Anonymous asked: Do you want to build a snowman?

no it’s august

Anonymous asked: Did you hurt the child, Johnny?

if this is a reference to something, i’m not getting it

Anonymous asked: Johnny I know this is so sudden, but will you marry me?

that’s not my name

Anonymous asked: I would like to order some fish and chips with a side order of macaroni

i’m unemployed

Anonymous asked: Are you my mummy?



How unfortunate…

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