misstardisblue asked: "#started AFFC the other day and cersei's POV chapters are soooo good" YES THANK YOU! I'm really glad you like them because I'm so tired of people dismissing her and her chapters. I think her chapters are (probably) the most interesting in the whole series. They give you perspective about a character that you've only read about from another POV and idk, they're really good

the thing which has really stuck out to me so far is the level of paranoia cersei experiences, like non-stop, and it’s so interesting to see what she keeps hidden from the characters we’ve previously been with

Anonymous asked: that thing that says "Strax is like etc" I misread it as strex at first. And I was very confused how strex corp from wtnv was like a preteen boy. but then it kind of made sense

daenystormborn asked: AMID THE RUINS THOUGH I AM UPSET

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you know if you hover over urls you can see who actually posted them, right

tumblr staff and the obama tumblr and john green or whoever aren’t responsible for 90% of the things people think they are

Title: Salty Seas
Artist: Devics
Album: Push The Heart
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As heard in The Walking Dead Game: Amid the Ruins

fuzzmunchkin asked: Spoiler yourself motherfucker, some of us haven't played it yet!

no need to be rude when i had tagged appropriately

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i just finished the new episode of the walking dead game omggg

here are my choices:

i kind of regret robbing that guy now i won’t lie


Doctor Who Meme ; Nine Scenes [2/9]

The ending of “Inferno”

miyako77 asked: Your gifs are amazing! What program do you use?

i’ve literally just started using kmplayer within the last week to make caps, and then i’ve been using photoshop ps5 for ages!

plus a frankenstein’s monster of other people’s psds for colouring etc

endless list of favourite characters: martha jones

"I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good."

no wonder i cant stand him lol