Anonymous asked: aaany chance you could do a parallel gifset between 9 not having a clue in Aliens of London and 12 not having a clue in Into the Dalek?

i can’t really remember when he didn’t have a clue haha, if you send me a time stamp of when it was then i might do it in the morning since im going to bed now

I’ve found the cure for love.

Anonymous asked: lol can you imagine filming a scene like that? "ok sam we want to do five or so more takes of you banging your head on the table, and no wimpy hits either."

if it was me i would request a stunt double tbh

Anonymous asked: do you know anywhere online other than iplayer I can watch the extras?

nope sorry, but i imagine someone will upload it somewhere accessible at some point :)

Anonymous asked: lol danny in that gif set, such a ~ladykiller

i was saying before to someone that danny was nothing like what i was expecting at all. i thought he would be all suave and ~ladykiller~, but instead he’s bumbling and shy, sensitive and a bit dorky lol

more danny for the people!

Anonymous asked: I hate that slapping and surprise kissing are used so often for comedy in Doctor Who.

same, it’s something that the show really needs to grow out of doing. like jokes about amy being physically violent towards rory and eleven going around surprise kissing everyone aren’t funny they’re just uncomfortable

at some level it was present throughout the rtd era too, but the sort of… slapstick element and the sheer amount of it has really ramped up under moffat

lol according to Doctor Who Extra this was on the pages of the Danny Pink’s students’ textbooks

Err… Are you going to the leaving thing for Kathy, tonight?

burningupasun asked: Oh god, I just made the mental connection from Moffat's "no one ever dies" trope to this Missy Heaven where I assume everyone the Doctor kills is gonna end up this season, JFC.

i can’t wait for the ‘everybody lives!’ moment in the finale lololol

whovianfeminist replied to your post: i really don’t have that much to say …

so you liked it overall?

i wouldn’t say i liked it, i was kinda neutral to it, but ‘not hating it’ is something to be cherished in these dark times tbh

i really don’t have that much to say tbh

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