Katy Manning: Another thing about Jo’s character, which people forget, because people say the mini-skirts, the rings blah blah; but what people forget is that, Jo actually offered her life for the Doctor’s more regularly than anybody else. […] And that was her thing from virtually the beginning, was this absolute, you know… bond, to this figure that changed not only my life, but it changed Jo’s life.

Russell T Davies: Can I say, when I talk about how these things… shape your mind and make you who you are; I think the ending of The Daemons, when Jo stands in front of the Doctor and offers her life, it’s one of the most magnificent endings of a story I’ve ever seen. And that offer of sacrifice rebounds onto the Daemon which destroys him, I can remember being 7/8 years old watching that and literally being filled with a new thought. The joy of that sacrifice, and the bravery of that sacrifice, and the power of that sacrifice which destroys the villain. […] You must never forget what it was like when you were 7 or 8, when that is life changing, and a lesson as well actually, about how to live your life.

Katy Manning: Yeah! Cos she was a very young girl! I mean it wasn’t like somebody elderly [offering their life]… you know, this was a very young girl. And that I think shows her passion and her love for the Doctor.

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